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Scope Creep, Margin Creep, Scope of Work, SOW, Profit Margins

Attack of the Scope and Margin Creep

Authored by:Don Barrett

It comes from out of nowhere. One minute your team is closing deals and you’re on top of the world. But you still have to deliver on what was sold. Next thing you know your implementation team is going crazy, your customers are constantly reaching out to you, and your sales margins are almost non-existent. Looks like you’ve been struck by the twin terrors: scope and margin creep.

It might be difficult to tell if you’ve been hit by scope and...

Sales Process, Presales

Secret Costs in Your Sales Process

Authored by:Tricia Trzybinski

When it comes to technology sales teams, there are some pretty obvious costs to having an incomplete presales process. Whether it’s lost sales opportunities, frequent staff turnover or the implementation of incorrect solutions, there are a lot of ways that having an insufficient process can reduce your bottom line. But did you know there are a lot of “soft” or hidden expenses that can’t be easily measured, but ultimately harm your...

Sales Process, Presales

Vital Components for a Successful Sales Process

Authored by:Tricia Trzybinski

The bigger a sales organization gets, the more need there is for organizational processes to ensure you maximize every sales opportunity as well as profitability. While these policies may seem restrictive and detrimental to sales objectives, they actually allow for more opportunities to close business, a goal everyone in the organization shares.  At CorsPro, we’ve identified some common components that contribute heavily to a successful sales...

Sales Process, Sales Effectiveness, Presales, Sales Proposals

Sales Proposals that Win

Authored by:Michael Schmidtmann

This is a reprint of  Michael Schmidtmann's original blog article.  Used with permission. Michael leads Trans4mers, an organization of peer groups for sales leaders in the technology field. Visit his website at for more information.

Hybrid Technology, Cloud Technology, Cloud and premise solutions

Hybrid Isn’t Just for Cars Anymore

Authored by:Don Barrett

It’s time to stop talking about the Cloud like it is something in the future.

Inadequate Executive Summaries, Inadequate Presales, Executive Summary

Problems with Inadequate Executive Summaries

Authored by:Don Barrett

If we were given the opportunity to show only one part of a proposal to a prospect, we would show them the executive summary. This is because it addresses the business objectives and proves that you understand their business. It’s really important to ensure you have an outstanding summary because you probably won’t have the opportunity to discuss your solution with all of the key decision makers. This is your opportunity to prove to them that...

Sales Process, Sales Effectiveness, Sell More in Less Time

5 Pitfalls of Incomplete or Inaccurate Sales Proposals

Authored by:Don Barrett

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” – Bob Hooey

Sales Process, Inadequate Presales, Sales Qualification

Why a Good Sales Qualification Process is So Important

Authored by:Don Barrett

Most organizations will say they have a qualification process. But whether or not it’s documented, being specifically and actively used is another story. Without asking the right questions, it’s very difficult to know if your solution is treating the symptom or the problem the prospect is trying to eliminate. If you’re working with all the right departments and decision-makers during the sales process, it really helps you narrow in on the...

Misconfigured Solutions, Inadequate Presales, Presales

Inadequate Presales Can Lead to Misconfigured Solutions

Authored by:Don Barrett

Ultimately the job of technology solution providers is to leverage technology for business outcomes. It might surprise many solution providers that an adequate presales process plays such a vital role in implementing those solutions. Without a solid quote process that leads to a detailed proposal and accurate scope of work (SOW), it’s incredibly difficult to ensure the solution is configured correctly to what the customer needs.

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